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Microsoft TEAMS for Everyday Users

Language:  English
This everyday user guide is written for users that have used the Microsoft TEAMS App and for those users who have not used it at all.
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This everyday user guide is written for users that have used the Microsoft TEAMS App and for those users who have not used it at all. The reader as they wish can read the book’s chapters in the order it was written to build their skill level gradually or move from one chapter to another for instructions to perform simple or advanced tasks.This book focuses on the TEAMS App on the Windows 10 with Microsoft Office installed on your computer – PC or Laptop. Windows 10 is the most popular Microsoft operating system and works very well with the TEAMS App. This book does not cover the TEAMS mobile app as it is being updated at quite a rapid pace. The TEAMS mobile app should be covered ideally in the 2nd edition of this book or a separate book.

About the Author

Meatau Larry Saytee has over a decade of experience in the SharePoint space both in the on-premises and cloud platforms. He has written several articles on the SharePoint subject matter for various audiences.He strongly believes what seems to be complicated as far as understanding and usability of such a powerful platform as SharePoint (and other Microsoft 365 Apps – M365) can be easily explained through simple concise guides, instructions, and illustrations.

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  1. What is “TEAMS”?
    1. Business Communication App (BCA)
    2. Benefits of using a BCA
    3. Introducing the “TEAMS” App
  2. Getting started with TEAMS
    1. TEAMS window overview
    2. Communicating in TEAMS
    3. Adding and working with content
    4. Stay on top of things
    5. Apps in TEAMS
  3. Teams and Channels
    1. The “Teams” tab
    2. Create and administer a Team
    3. Create and work with Channels
  4. Useful TEAMS features
    1. “Guests” and what they can do
    2. Meetings with Guests or External users
    3. Recording your Team meeting
    4. Getting the most out of Chats and Conversations
    5. Bookmark messages
    6. “General” Channels means general
    7. Post in multiple Channels
    8. TEAMS Navigation buttons
  5. Best practices in TEAMS
    1. When to use TEAMS?
    2. Live collaboration in TEAMS
    3. Your Team Notification Settings
    4. Working with Files in TEAMS
    5. Working with Channels in TEAMS
    6. Using Outlook with TEAMS
  6. What’s New in TEAMS?
    1. The new “Home Site” App
    2. Configure your “Home Site” App
    3. Support for Tennant-wide Intranet search
    4. Connectors in TEAMS
    5. Folders are connected to Channels
    6. “Teamify” an existing site
    7. Other New features
    8. TEAMS is a One-Stop-Shop
  7. Appendix
    1. Useful links
    2. Private Channels
    3. Team Members and Guests
    4. Available TEAMS Commands
    5. Known issues and limitations
  8. Index
About the Author

Meatau Larry Saytee