Micro Talk: True Mentoring for the Workplace

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This Micro Talk defines the true role of mentors and the skills necessary to fulfil that role. It seeks to differentiate mentoring from other support roles that are often wrongly defined as mentoring.
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The author is an international business consultant, writer and motivational speaker specialising in entrepreneurship and SME development. Following careers in teaching and IT he has spent over twenty-five years working with businesses and with business support organi...


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There are many types of support available to people in business and all have a different title. These may be buddy, coach, adviser, counsellor, mentor or another name. However, the word mentor has often been hijacked as a term for all of them, hence denigrating what is an important role and skill.

This Micro Talk seeks to correct that image by defining the true role of mentoring along with the skills and processes necessary to be able to maximise mentoring in the workplace. At the same time, it recognises that the other forms of support have a place in the workplace but are not mentoring.