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Media Training and The Art Of Being Interviewed

How To Handle Anything a Journalist Asks

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A media interview is a big opportunity, whether it’s to promote your business, your cause, or simply yourself.
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A media interview is a big and exciting opportunity. Depending on the nature of the story, hundreds of thousands, millions, or even hundreds of millions of people could be hanging on your every word. But the news game is also one of the most dangerous of double edged swords. Get your appearance in the media spotlight right, and you can be a hero. But get it wrong, and the consequences can be disastrous. This book will reveal how journalists work, help you to predict and prepare for the questions you’ll be asked, and show you everything you need to know to make a mark in the media for all the right reasons.

About the Author

Simon Hall is a Course Leader at the University of Cambridge, runs his own business communication agency, Creative Warehouse, and is a journalist, author, and business coach.

He teaches communication, media, business, writing, presentation, storytelling, and public relations skills at Cambridge, along with universities across England, for government departments, and companies.

Simon has a series of books on communication published, including - public speaking and presentations - writing blogs - how to secure media coverage - and leadership communication - along with eight thriller novels.

  • Introduction
  1. Preparation
    1. Know What You’re Getting Into
    2. The Angle
    3. Predicting Questions
    4. Handling Your Hack
    5. Whereabouts and Wardrobes
  2. Your Message
    1. The Message House
    2. The Umbrella Statement
    3. The Core Messages
    4. Evidence, Facts and Details
  3. Tone
    1. Stop and Think
    2. The Public Perception
    3. Keep Your Cool
    4. Choose Your Words With Care
    5. The Trick of the Tone
  4. Bridging
    1. How To Bridge
    2. Bridging Phrases
    3. Speculative Bridging
    4. Bridging for a Blessed Personal Life
  5. Making a Mark in the Mind
    1. Opinions
    2. Character
    3. Soundbites
    4. The Threes
    5. Counterpoint
    6. Alliteration
  6. The Importance of Appearance
    1. The Mixed Up Media Melting Pot
    2. The First Presidential Debate
    3. How to Look for an Interview
    4. Body Language
  7. Online Interviews
    1. The Kindly Back Off A Bit Effect
    2. Camera Position
    3. Framing Your Shot
    4. I Can’t Hear You
    5. I Can’t See You
    6. Vanity
    7. Landscape Not Portrait
    8. Backdrop
  8. Dirty Tricks
    1. Off The Record
    2. Behind You!
    3. Treat All Microphones As Live
    4. The Trap of Silence
    5. Dodge the Denials
    6. Turning the Tables
  9. Maximising Your Media Moment
    1. Recycling Content
    2. Blogs
    3. Vlogs and Podcasts
    4. Social Media
  • Conclusion
About the Author

Simon Hall