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Making Sure You Use Negativity Positively to Grow

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In this episode, Jay takes a look at the effect negative comments have on us and how we all have the power to decide whether to use them as a positive or negative in our lives and work.
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  • It’s a part of your journey you will get negativity as you grow, get bigger in your brand and put out more content; there are always going to be people with different opinions.  

  • If you get negative comments don’t take it personally. Those people don’t know you personally and maybe making negative comments because they want to be you.  

  • Be humble and honest if you have said something that doesn’t fit very well or you have said something you shouldn’t have then use the feedback to grow and be better.  

  • It’s important to use it as a feedback mechanism  

  • If people have said something negative but you truly believe in what you are doing, ask those such as your mentor and mastermind group. If they believe in you use their opinions as an indicator of your success.  

  • You can use anything, as a positive or a negative, be consistent in how you deal with it and make sure you treat negativity in the way it should be treated.

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Jay Dhillon