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Maintaining Career Fitness

Maximizing Your Potential for Success

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Become and remain career fit.
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Career success rarely comes on a plate. Making progress, being successful and being rewarded for it needs working at. Many factors contribute, but, whatever else, you need to “know your stuff” in terms of both knowledge and skills. This book shows how you can become and remain career fit.

About the author

Patrick Forsyth is a consultant, trainer and writer. He has worked with organisations large and small and in many different parts of the world. He is the author of many successful books on management, business and careers and prides himself on having a clear how-to style. 

One reviewer (“Professional Marketing”) commented: Patrick has a lucid and elegant style of writing which allows him to present information in a way that is organised, focused and easy to apply. 

In this series he is also the author of several titles including “Your boss: sorted!” and “How to get a pay rise”. His writing extends beyond business. He has had published humorous books (e.g. Empty when half full) and light-hearted travel writing: First class at last!, about a journey through South East Asia, and Smile because it happened about Thailand. His novel, Long Overdue, was published recently.

  1. Introduction: The Need To Be Career Fit 
  2. The Development Process 
    1. The Nature Of The Development Process 
  3. Development In Action 
    1. Positive Results 
  4. Stepping Stones To Success 
    1. Reviewing And Choosing Methods 
    2. The Traditional Course (In All Its Forms) 
    3. Activity Courses 
    4. Simulations 
    5. No Stone Unturned 
  5. Creating Career Enhancing Opportunities 
    1. Making It Work 
    2. Making It Happen 
  6. Summary: Ten Steps To Being “Career Fit” 
    1. Resolve To Be A Regular “Self-Developer” 
    2. Analyse And Set Clear Objectives 
    3. Make And Use A Plan 
    4. Create Sufficient Time 
    5. Learn From Experience 
    6. Learn From Others 
    7. Spot Opportunities 
    8. Utilise A Mix Of Methods 
    9. Monitor Progress 
    10. Aim High And Be Positive 
Splendid. Fitness issues at the workplace is long over due.
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About the Author

Patrick Forsyth