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Linux for system administrators and DevOps

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Learn, how to make DNS, DHCP, Kerberos, SAMBA, LDAP, Shares, Networking, Scanning, Sweeping, Virtual Machinery, Openstack, Shell and More...
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LINUX is an operating system developed by LINUS TORVALDS.

We will learn building an enterprise software operating system and cloud layered infrastructure using LINUX Operating System.

We will install DNS, DHCP, WEB, MAIL and File Servers using different technology packages.

Next we will install SSH and create certificates as a security mechanism to create identities.

We will install and make basic configuration to firewalls.

We will install database servers, connect to other LINUX machines.

We will work with keystone, heat, swift and glance as management infrastructure of Openstack environment.

  1. Linux Desktop, Server and Cloud Image
    1. What is Linux?
    2. Linux GUI and Desktop Machines
    3. Linux Servers and Clusters
    4. Linux Cloud Images and Virtual Machines
    5. Linux Distributions and Flavors
    6. Customizing Linux Shell
    7. Basic Linux Commands
    8. Basics in Shell Programming
    9. Installation Commands and Packages Configurations
    10. Working with Repositories
    11. Updates, Upgrades and Distributions Upgrades
  2. Linux Infrastructure
    1. Installing DNS, DHCP, and Kerberos
    2. Managing Users and Groups
    3. Installing and Managing Linux Firewalls
    4. Installing and Managing Web Servers
    5. Installing and Managing Mail Servers
    6. Installing and Managing FTP, SFTP
    7. Installing and Configuring SAMBA and Managing Shares
    8. Installing GIT Server
  3. Security in Linux
    1. Installing SSH
    2. Creating Certificates using SSL
    3. Working with SELinux and Access Control
    4. Connecting to Linux Machine
    5. Securing your Web Server in Linux
    6. Securing your Database Server in Linux
    7. Securing your Linux Virtual Machine
  4. Networking in Linux
    1. Wired Networking in Linux
    2. Wireless Networking in Linux
    3. Network Manager in Linux
    4. Monitoring Your Network in Linux
    5. Scanning Your Network in Linux
  5. Private Cloud in Linux
    1. Installing Openstack Services
    2. Working with Openstack Keystone
    3. Working with Openstack Heat
    4. Working with Openstack Swift
    5. Working with Openstack Glance
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