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Let’s Talk About Your Mental Health

8m 27s
Language:  English
Challenges will always be part of the journey if you want to be successful. Jay discusses how important is caring for your mental health on your journey.
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  • His experience in business was to be considered very young to experience a recession. He didn’t know what to do. His company of 300 staff members had to shrink to a team of barely 50 contractual workers.  

  • When the time came that he knew he couldn’t do this on his own, he opened up to his mentor about his woes and struggles. He asked for advice and guidance. After talking to him, his mindset over it changed for the better.

  •  Build your support network with like-minded people who’ll be there for you even through tough times. It should be easy to open up with them if needed to, and vice versa.

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Jay Dhillon