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Leading through the Looking Glass

12 Questions Leaders Need to Ask Themselves

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All companies and organizations benefit from good leadership. This book suggests what leaders need to ask themselves in order to determine and improve the effectiveness of their leadership.
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Leadership is an important, challenging and multifaceted practice. Whether breaking new ground or staying the course, companies, organizations, business units, projects, teams and initiatives all need leadership and thus benefit from good leadership. Effective leaders need to reflect on their own performance. Those who embark on a path of self-discovery will have an opportunity to expand their repertoire of leadership qualities. This book suggests twelve questions leaders need to ask themselves in order to determine their effectiveness and help deepen their skills in the art of leadership.

About the Author

Anders is an independent advisor, writer and speaker with a broad international experience having worked in various engineering, management and advisory capacities in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America. He has appeared as panelist, moderator and speaker at international and local conferences, served as award juror for the Innovation in Politics Institute and published several books, book chapters and articles on innovation and modern management practices.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Do I Know What to Accomplish?
  2. Can I See the Big Picture?
  3. Am I Managing My Time?
  4. Do I Make Clear What’s Important?
  5. Do I Listen to The Right People?
  6. Do I Know What I Need to Know?
  7. Do I Forge Effective Partnerships?
  8. Am I Making Good Decisions?
  9. Do I Get the Right Things Done?
  10. Do I Instill Trust in People?
  11. Do I Dare to Put Myself At Risk?
  12. Do I Make a Difference?
  13. Conclusion and Final Remark
About the Author

Anders Hemre