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Leading for an Engaged Culture

“How the Meerkats Formed a Family” and Other Stories

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Developing a strong corporate culture and engaged employees isn’t easy. The stories in this book will help you tackle the challenge through a new way of thinking about business leadership.
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Developing and maintaining a strong corporate culture and engaged employees is one of the most critical and challenging issues facing business today. Leading for a Positive Culture – How the Meerkats Formed a Family and Other Stories is as entertaining as it is educational. Three short African animal fables relate to three key principles for creating a culture that encourages and supports engaged, productive employees. ‘Business breakout’ sections in each fable give practical guidelines for tackling the challenge through a new way of thinking about business leadership, even in tough times.

About the author

A widely experienced business leader, John Carroll is passionate about people and wildlife. Born and brought up in war-torn Zimbabwe in southern Africa, he now lives in Australia and is an international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, business advisor, and author, specialising in leadership, corporate culture, and employee engagement, including through mergers and difficult situations.

  • About The Author
  • Setting The Scene
  1. The foundation of a strong, sustainable culture is a people-oriented leadership philosophy
    1. How the Rhinoceros Got Its Skin
  2. People and teams form strong bonds and are genuinely engaged when they share common goals that are meaningful for all
    1. How the Meerkats Formed a Family
  3. A culture that fosters curiosity, encourages individual innovation, and thrives on constant change leads to a more productive and profitable business
    1. How the Elephant Got its Trunk
  • Epilogue
  • References
An engaging and innovative read that made me think deeply about my role as a leader, my inclusion and encouragement of team members and what is truly important in business and life - it isn’t money!
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John Carroll