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Knowledge Transfers for Leaders

Drive Innovation Sustainability and Engagement with KT

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When a critical team member decides to leave, Knowledge Transfer is one of the most urgent priorities. But Knowledge Transfer also impacts Innovation, Sustainability, and Employee Engagement.
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When a critical team member decides to leave, Knowledge Transfer is one of the most urgent priorities: this team member possesses vital knowledge, and if that information goes with them, the organisation will feel repercussions.

But Knowledge Transfer is much more than that and impacts Innovation, and Sustainability

This book is a reminder for leaders of the importance of Knowledge Transfer in Innovation, Sustainability, and Engagement to provide an organisation with its competitive advantage while de-risking it. It contains exercises and practical steps to start taking action right now!

About the Author

Laura Mariani is a genre-straddling author of non-fiction success books for women and contemporary romance as Laura (LA.) Mariani.

She is a Change and Transformation expert, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (FCIPD), Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute (FAHRI), Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (FInstLM), Member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Member of the Change Institute.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. What is Knowledge Transfer
    1. Introduction
    2. Knowledge Transfer: What It Is and What Is Not
  2. Fostering Innovation with Knowledge Transfer
    1. Innovation
    2. Knowledge Transfer and Innovation
    3. Managing Knowledge
    4. Summary
    5. Assessing Innovation and Encouraging Creativity
  3. Driving Sustainability with Knowledge Transfer
    1. Knowledge Transfer for Sustainability
    2. The Labour Market
    3. Knowledge Transfer and Sustainability - Practical points
    4. A Challenge for You
  4. Driving Engagement with Knowledge Transfer
    1. Knowledge Transfer for Engagement
    2. How to use knowledge transfer for employee engagement
  5. Five Steps to Effective Knowledge Transfer
    1. How to Do Knowledge Transfer Effectively
    2. Devise a Knowledge Transfer Plan for the Business
  6. The Transformative Power of Leadership in Knowledge Transfer - Recap
    1. Leadership as the Catalyst for Innovation
    2. Leadership for Sustainability: Preserving and Building on Knowledge
    3. Leadership for Engagement: The Glue that Binds
    4. Taking Action
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About the Author

Laura Mariani