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Keep Thriving 2

Reboot your Operating System

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Your programs are not running smoothly: you need a reboot. You must control your primary state powers: thinking, feeling, speaking, acting. You can use these powers to update your mental software.
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Searching for more influence on your own life? Do you lack: Intention, Direction, Motivation, Meaning, Belief, Vitality, Optimal health?Book 2 of 7 is a guide to navigating towards a higher level of living and a more meaningful life. You will gain an understanding of how cognitive and emotional faculties can be used to code unconscious processes. This will enable you to control your life by “programming” your software for better health outcomes. You also receive practical lifestyle guidelines to improve your immune system and performance through nutrition, exercise, sleep and managing stress.

About the Author

Reinhard Korb is the founder of Keep Thriving, a leading coaching consultancy that integrates the best of neuro, psycho and bioscience for optimal health, performance, engagement and longevity. He is Meta-Coach, trainer, blogger, speaker, author, and content creator with an integral approach to wellness.He is a licensed Meta-Coach with the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) under the direct tutelage of Dr L. Michael Hall, the developer of Neuro-Semantics. He is also qualified as a: Neuro Coach, Stress Management Coach, Fitness & Nutrition Coach and Physical Training Instructor.

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About the Author

Reinhard Korb