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Keep Moving: The Power of Positivity

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In challenging times, it can be all too easy to feel sorry for yourself. Having a positive outlook can transform your life! An inspirational Expert Talk to help you maintain your positivity.
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Listen as Sam Crowley relates the experience of a friend who lost his eyesight, and how that person still managed to have a positive takeaway from his experience by focusing on the benefits that his new situation brought him. 

About the Author

Sam Crowley is a former Fortune 100 exec who launched the personal development brand Every Day Is Saturday & the hugely successful Sam is a best-selling co-author, speaker & business coach.

About the Author

Sam Crowley

Sam Crowley, a podcaster and business coach, provides insights on how to weather life’s storms. When driving a car down a foggy road, you can sometimes only see what’s immediately in front of you… but you can make it the whole way home that way. In this gripping Expert Talk you will learn how you can weather any storm, one step at a time.