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10 Time Management Myths

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This Expert Talk reviews some common beliefs and offers alternative strategies to improve your time management skills.
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Want to know the truth about time management? Listen in to this Expert Talk by Harold Taylor. He explains why many of the things we believe about time management are false. Make your goals your priority! 

About the Author

Harold Taylor Time Consultants was incorporated in 1981 as an organization devoted to helping others manage their time and their lives through time management training, publications and products. Prior to that time it operated as a division of Harold Taylor Enterprises Ltd., an association management company that Harold Taylor founded in 1967. It underwent a further organizational change in 1998 and emerged as Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd. The company has retained its focus on time management while expanding to include train the trainer self-study programs, and distance education. The company was dissolved in July of 2015 and is now simply Taylor in Time. Functioning primarily as a blog and home to the Taylor Planner, TaylorInTime showcases the almost weekly writings of its founder Harold Taylor. In his eighties now, Taylor does less public speaking and a plethora of writing and traveling. His books are now being published online by in Europe.

About the Author

Harold Taylor