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Internal time management: slowing the pace of life

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In this book, time management expert Harold Taylor uses a holistic approach to time management to explain how you can prevent this from happening by managing your internal time.
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Why does time seem to pass more quickly as you get older? Is there a way of slowing down the perceived passage of time? Why is a large part of your life missing from your memory? How can we work with our biological clock to improve the way we manage our time? These questions and more will be answered as time management expert Harold Taylor explores not clock time, but internal time, and how we can practice the greatest time management strategy of all – living longer and healthier with our memories fully intact.

Drawing on recent brain research and his own life experiences, he demonstrates how, through a more holistic approach to time management, we can actually influence the perceived passage of time so that looking back in retrospect, we can recall a long, fulfilling and meaningful life.

  1. Time is in the eye of the beholder
    1. A brain’s-eye view of time
    2. Lose your memory and you lose your past
    3. Your brain is your timekeeper
  2. Slowing down your perception of time
    1. Our brains filter out the spam
    2. Have goals that are meaningful to you
    3. Add variety to your life
    4. Don’t multitask
    5. Don’t rush needlessly
    6. Wherever you are, be there
    7. Simplify your life
    8. Exercise both your body and your brain
    9. Get enough sleep
    10. Follow your biological clock
    11. Control your own life
  3. Have goals that are meaningful to you
    1. Make your milestones memorable
    2. A planner is essential for goal achievement
  4. Add variety to your life
    1. Have multiple milestones i n your life
    2. Spend more time with people and less time with things
    3. Don’t overdose on technology
  5. Don’t multitask
    1. Stop overloading your brain
    2. You could lose more than memory by multitasking
  6. Don’t rush needlessly
    1. Slow is not a bad word
    2. The downside of technology
  7. Wherever you are, be there
    1. The importance of mindfulness
    2. Write it into your memory
  8. Simplify your life
    1. A matter of choice
    2. The balancing act
    3. The fulfillment curve
  9. Exercise your body and your brain
    1. Keeping fit includes the brain
    2. Keeping your brain healthy
  10. Get enough sleep
    1. The dangers of sleep deprivation
    2. Aim for 7 to 8 hours sleep a night
  11. Follow your biological clock
    1. Doing what comes naturally
    2. Take advantage of your high energy times
  12. Control your own life
    1. Lack of control gives stress a foothold
  13. Living longer as a time management strategy
    1. Age is a state of mind
    2. If you retire, retire to something
    3. Productivity is not age-related
  14. An emerging priority
    1. Don’t be seduced by technology
    2. Merge high-tech with high-touch
    3. Leave time for creativity
  15. Epilogue
  16. Reference books for Internal time management
  17. About the author
A book that preaches sanity in today's insanely rushing world.
The author presents insightful information to improve one's time management.
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