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Intercultural Competence

How to Interact Successfully in a Multicultural Workplace

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Build your Intercultural Competence level to effectively work in today’s multicultural business environment. Gain tips and strategies from the latest models. Find out how to lead diverse teams.
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Build your level of Intercultural Competence to enable you to operate more effectively in today’s multicultural, global business environment. Gain access to self-reflective tools, questionnaires and practical tips and strategies drawn from the latest models. Learn how to build a greater tolerance for uncertainty, become more resilient, interculturally curious and empathetic to build more successful working relationships. Find out how to lead and be part of winning, diverse teams.

About the Author

Sally Walker is a freelance intercultural consultant with over twenty years’ experience delivering intercultural training within global, multicultural environments alongside career and executive coaching. She has a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and is a member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research). Sally had an early career in international HR with a number of successful multinationals and has lived and worked in France, Belgium, the Middle East, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. She is the owner of SW Career Coaching Limited.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. What is Intercultural Competence
    1. Definition of Culture and Multicultural Teams
    2. Definition of Intercultural Competence and Its Value
    3. Joining a Multicultural Team
    4. Benefits and Challenges Facing Multicultural Teams
  2. Assessing Your Current Level of Intercultural Competence
    1. Your Cultural Identity
    2. Self-Reflection and Seeking Feedback
  3. Developing Your Intercultural Competence
    1. Tolerance of Uncertainty
    2. Curiosity
    3. Resilience
    4. Humility
    5. Empathy
    6. Relationship building
    7. Language Learning
  4. Multicultural Teams
    1. Strategies For Managing a New or Existing Multicultural Team Using the SPLIT Model
    2. Structure
    3. Process
    4. Language
    5. Identity
    6. Technology
    7. How to Succeed as a Team member in a Multicultural Team
  5. Tools to support your intercultural learning
    1. Dimensional Frameworks
    2. Intercultural Mentor
    3. Intercultural Journal Using the 3R Reflect Model
  6. Intercultural Competence Development Plan
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Sally Walker