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Do You Want to Know the Key to Success?

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In this book we will discover the solutions that will allow you, as team leader, to connect with your team mates through emotional intelligence, reaching the highest levels of performance.
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Team leadership is a responsibility as well as a privilege that must be assumed with respect, ambition and intelligence. I am not referring to intelligence that can be measured through an IQ, but through an EQ - I speak of leading with emotional intelligence.A great leader will be able to connect with their team, understand their colleagues, discuss (openly) any topic, provide for their team's needs.In this book, I offer you suggestions that will allow you to create a relationship with your team which will result in the highest levels of performance.

About the Author

Gorka Iglesias is a PhD in Industrial Engineering and holds an MBA. He has been leading teams for more than twenty years in different areas and kind of companies in international environments. Currently, he works for a large multinational coordinating a network of product development teams based in various European countries.At the end of 2020 he wrote ‘Ready, Steady, Go! A different and really effective way to lead teams’ (in Spanish) where he exposes his innovative approach to optimizing project management and team leadership.

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About the Author

Gorka Iglesias Toquero