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Innovation In Leadership

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Anyone can be a leader, but not everyone will choose to be an innovative leader. Bob discusses how to embrace this topic as a skilled practice to improve competencies, be genuine, and create a legacy.
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With the advancement of technology, the opportunity to advance leadership has never been greater! Anyone can be a leader. Not everyone will choose to be an innovative leader. Bob discusses how leaders can adopt leadership innovation as a skilled practice that will strengthen competencies, catapult success, and nourish future generations. Bob shows how it is possible to be sincere and have excellent results simultaneously! Innovation in leadership catapults leaders from merely a baseline of success to creating a legacy!

About the Author

  • Coach Bob Reish is a successful business coaching-consulting-training expert spanning 30 years among large insurance, finance, ministry, and numerous industries.
  • He is a Certified Master Trainer with 15,500+ logged hours of coaching
  • and training.
  • He holds multiple degrees and professional certifications.
  • He is a successful Podcaster heard in over 50 countries plus, a Professional Keynote Speaker, and author.
  • He is a successful multi-business owner and multi-award winner.
  • He also develops and facilitates curriculum and training for thousands of aspiring to seasoned professionals.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Innovation in Leadership Illuninates Intention
    1. Role of Innovation in Leadership
    2. Identifying Differences Among Leaders
    3. Think & Take-away
  2. Innovation in Leadership Reveals Principles
    1. Principles and Leadership
    2. Think & Take-away
  3. Innovation in Leadership Promotes Understanding
    1. Understanding and Leadership
    2. How Understanding and Innovation in Leadership Connect
    3. Think & Take-away
  4. Innovation in Leadership Reflects Discipline
    1. Discipline and Leadership
    2. How Discipline and Innovation in Leadership Connect
    3. Think & Take-away
  5. Innovation in Leadership Focuses On Discipline In Thought
    1. Focusing On Discipline In Thought
    2. Something Misunderstood
    3. How Discipline in Thought and Innovation in Leadership Connect
    4. Think & Take-away
  6. Innovation in Leadership Releases Creativity
    1. Creativity and Innovation in Leadership
    2. How Innovation in Leadership and Released Creativity Connect
    3. Think & Take-away
  7. Innovation in Leadership Blends the Past Into the Future
    1. Blending the Past Into the Future
    2. How Innovation in Leadership Blends the Past Into the Future Connect
    3. Think & Take-away
  8. Innovation in Leadership Knows Its Audience
    1. Knowing the Audience in Innovative Leadership
    2. How Knowing the Audience and Innovation in Leadership Connect
    3. Think & Take-away
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • References

About the Author

Bob Reish

Bob Reish is an award-winning certified executive & business Coach for success-driven Individuals. He has worked with industry leaders like Farmers Insurance, World Financial Group, Edward Jones, LegalShield, Awana International, FocalPoint Business Coaching International, Insurance WebX, TTI Success Insights, Holiday Inn, Bankers Life and the City of Surprise, Arizona to name a few. He delivers powerful keynote and workshop presentations to audiences at corporate events and conferences.

For over 25 years, He has helped thousands of clients achieve higher significance, improve productivity, increase profits, and enhance quality of life. This is done by preparing them for success & significance by facilitating paradigm change, utilizing proven systems and processes, candor, experience, and customized curriculum based on clients exact needs.

Over time, his clients have increased productivity in less time, produced millions in revenue, and experienced more freedom than they ever thought possible regardless of the state of the economy.

He has logged over 15,500 hours of business coaching, consulting, and training. He is an expert listener which allows him to understand a client's needs. Industry experience includes, but not limited to, Retail, Construction, Financial Services, Professional services, Insurance, Direct Sales, Dental, Orthodontics, Medical, Mortgage. He knows how to help people win. He provides understanding, hope, passion, and accountability. He is proud to be their trusted advisor.

Bob Reish has won “Best in Business” for Business Development in 2019 and 2020. He has also been nominated for a BBB Torch Award for Ethics in 2021.