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Inner Leadership: Volume I

An Introduction and Overview

Language:  English
Leading from within creates new external possibilities. This volume defines Inner Leadership and introduces the four levers: mindfulness, communication, emotional mastery, and navigating uncertainty.
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The Inner Leadership framework is based on the premise that once people do inner work on themselves, unimaginable new external possibilities arise. It is for any person who wants actionable ways to apply soft skills in order to engineer their life and career in the most meaningful way possible.This first volume in the “Inner Leadership Business Series” is an overview and context for the Inner Leadership framework. It addresses what Inner Leadership is and why it is hard, then proceeds to cover the four levers of Inner Leadership: mindfulness, communication, emotional mastery, and navigating uncertainty.

About the Author

As a coach, speaker, and author, Patrick Parker has delivered Inner Leadership to leaders and organizations throughout the United States and internationally. This framework is based on the premise that once people go within themselves to explore, discover, and apply soft skills, unimaginable new external solutions and opportunities arise. Patrick is a Certified Executive Coach and holds the Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation. His work is influenced by experience as a Licensed Master Social Worker as well as his first career in classical music, through which he earned a doctorate degree and held leadership positions in churches, universities, and a nonprofit.

  • About the Author
  1. Introduction
    1. Genesis of the Inner Leadership Framework
    2. An Overview of Inner Leadership
  2. Inner Leadership is Hard
    1. Exploration of Entropy
    2. Discovery of Environmental Factors
    3. Application: Assessment
  3. Mindfulness
    1. Exploration of Distraction
    2. Discovery of Willingness
    3. Application: Increasing Willingness
  4. Communication
    1. Exploration of Miscommunication
    2. Discovery of the Communication Trinity
    3. Application of the Communication Trinity
  5. Emotional Mastery
    1. Exploration of Emotions
    2. Discovery of Emotional Mastery
    3. Application: Assessment
  6. Navigating Uncertainty
    1. Exploration of Uncertainty
    2. Discovery of Radical Acceptance
    3. Application of Radical Acceptance
  • Conclusion
  • References
About the Author

Patrick Parker