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The New Grads Bible

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Inspiration and practical guidance to start your career.
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This book provides you with inspiration and practical guidance to start your career. This guide contains proven methods to use in your daily interactions with colleagues, managers, industry professionals and customers—anyone you interact with during your career.

Read the book and gain access to a list of good tips that the author knows actually work based on her own experience.

The information contained in this book is a tool providing you with inspiration and practical guidance to start your career.

This guide contains proven methods to use in your daily interactions with colleagues, managers, industry professionals, and customers—anybody that you will interact with during your career.

Read the book and gain access to my list of good advice that I know actually works based on my own experience.

  1. Introduction
    1. About Soulaima Gourani
    2. No fairy tale
    3. Ultra-ambitious
    4. Thirteen-year-old girl missing . . .
    5. Happiness can be felt and should be appreciated
    6. Luck or hard work?
    7. VISION
    9. TIMING
    10. LUCK
    11. You have to anticipate adversity
    12. Times are changing
    13. Individualism is a company asset
    14. ‘Soft’ skills are in high demand
    15. Your career is about relationships
    16. Networking involves value-based relationship selling
  2. Trust is Key
    1. Trust is a relationship essential
    2. Trust-driven business
    3. Trust as a foundation
  3. You Must Have the IT Factor
    1. Knowledge is meant to be shared
    2. Personal interest and involvement is a critical factor
    3. Human beings are guided by emotions
    4. You must continually develop yourself—there is no finish line
    5. “Shining eyes” effect
    6. The “Ctrl + C” is the opposite of authenticity
    7. Find your motivation
    8. The GROW model
  4. Consider Meeting New People an Adventure
    1. Become someone everyone remembers
    2. How to be memorable
    3. Developing loyal relationships
    4. Be interested and interesting
    5. Handling encounters like a professional
  5. Networking is King
    1. Why networking is king
    2. Motive and mission
    3. Identify and use your advantages
    4. Be accessible and approachable
    5. Be personable, not intrusive
    6. Relationship strength test
    7. Networking situations
    8. Business meetings
    9. Conferences and events
    10. TIPS:
    11. General TIPS:
    12. Networking correspondence
  6. Network Maintenance
    1. Map your network
    2. Maintain your new relations
    3. Communication channels
    4. Expand your network
    5. First encounters with new recruits
    6. Allow for adequate talk-time
  7. Conclusion
When something is written out of experience, I find it very personal thus reliable. I admire the presentation of the author. She sounded very positive and motivating.
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About the Author

Soulaima Gourani

Soulaima Gourani is an author and tech entrepreneur.

She is the co-founder of the Silicon Valley-based community company and software company is a marketing and branding solution for SMBs virtual gatherings, online networking events, communities, and remote round table dinners and discussions. It helps build your pipeline through audience engagement and meaningful interactions.

Her team is HP, Microsoft, Maersk, Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Peoplesoft professionals.

She is a "Young Global Leader" of the World Economic Forum, Thinkers50 Ideas into Practice Award 2019 & the "Thinkers50" Radar 2020 Award.

She is also a contributor to Forbes Leadership Channel. Soulaima is a frequent motivational keynote speaker at major conferences + (co) authored several bestseller books and has contributed to more than 14 books on how to succeed in life, life design, and the "future of work." One of her books is sold in more than 350.000 copies.

Everything she does always serve a common purpose: to create more innovators, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers– more peace in the world.

She has worked for clients e.g., Samsung, Roche A/S, Leo-Pharma, NNIT, Genzyme, Aberdeen, DuPont, LEGO, McKinsey, DELL, Microsoft, Harvard Kennedy University, Adecco, Alk Abello, Aon Hewitt, Citroen, Colliers, Diageo, Cisco, Ernst & Young, Volvo, FL Smidth, H. Lundbeck, IBM, TDC, SimCorp, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, News Corp, Danske Bank, and Deloitte, etc.

Previous COVID19 Soulaima would travel extensively for speaking. Her talks took her to Scandinavia, Finland, Greenland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, Mongolia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Greece, Thailand, Egypt, Venezuela, Morocco, Turkey, USA, China, Lebanon, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, and Bahrain.

You or your company can book Soulaima as a virtual online speaker at Big Speak Agent, USA.