Human Resources: A Practical Guide

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85 pages
Full of pragmatic advice and straightforward recommendations derived from their own careers, this book is a guide to doing good people stuff.
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About the author

Tim is a UK HR professional and Chartered Fellow of the CIPD with over twenty years of generalist experience in roles across the private, public and voluntary sectors. Alongside his “day jobs”, he has co-written a number of books about HR and management, including the successful “Put

Gemma is an experienced HR Director, a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, and a regular speaker and writer on a variety of HR topics including employee engagement, flexible working, wellbeing and social media.

Gemma co-founded The Work Consultancy where she focuses on policy developmen


This ebook provides a practical look at Human Resources, written by two experienced HR generalists and bloggers. Drawing on their own careers, it is full of pragmatic advice and straightforward recommendations about how to implement effective Human Resources, and doing good people stuff.

The book includes a look at what makes great Human Resources and great Human Resources professionals, the unique challenges of the HR profession and how to overcome them, through to simple advice on how to create people plans and business cases.

Covering every aspect of the employee lifecycle, along with topics such as social media, employee experience and employee data along with a handy jargon buster, this book is a practical guide to putting into practice straightforward and valued added Human Resources activity.

  1. The elephant in the room
  2. Great Human Resources
  3. Putting the people plan together
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. Employee Experience
  6. Data – big and small
  7. Recruitment
  8. Induction
  9. People Policies
  10. Employee Engagement. To survey or not to survey?
  11. Performance Reviews
  12. Family Stuff
  13. Caring and Carers
  14. Absence Management
  15. Reward
  16. Recognition
  17. Learning and Development
  18. Wellbeing
  19. The difficult stuff
  20. Redundancy
  21. Grievance
  22. Discipline
  23. Leadership Development
  24. Exit
  25. Non Value Adding Work
  26. HR Information Systems
  27. HR and Best Practice
  28. The Role of the Line Manager
  29. Making the HR business case
  30. Social Media
  31. Ideas, Tips and Random Thoughts
  32. And finally...