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Human Anatomy Synopsis: Spine & Neck

Language:  English
Topics include osteology, joints, nerves and blood vessels; spinal nerve anatomy and lesions; and back and neck muscles in outline format with dissections; illustrations, tables, and study questions.
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This is one of four synopses on Human Anatomy in an outline format that includes numerous diagrams, cadaver dissections, tables and study questions. This synopsis describes vertebral osteology and joints; innervations; blood supply; spinal nerve anatomy and lesions; and muscles of the back and neck. Each synopsis is based on over 40 years of course materials used by thousands of students and multiple instructors. Other synopses include Human Anatomy Synopsis: Axilla and Upper Limb; Human Anatomy Synopsis: Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb; and Human Anatomy Synopsis: Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis.

About the author

Professor Gorniak taught graduate health care professionals at 3 Universities for 40 years. He has a PhD. in Anatomical Sciences, a BS in Physical Therapy and practiced clinically for 15 years. He has over 30 peer reviewed publications on anatomy and biomechanics; 5 years of NIH post-doctoral work in biomechanics; developed online Anatomy and Biomechanics courses; produced a video dissection series; and authored illustrated note packs for Biomechanics and Anatomy.
  1. Preface
  2. Osteology
    1. Spinal column
    2. Characteristics of vertebrae
    3. Differences among vertebrae
  3. Vertebral joints and ligaments
    1. Vertebral joints
    2. Vertebral ligaments
  4. Vertebral blood supply
  5. Spinal Nerves
    1. Nerve composition
    2. Spinal nerve configuration
    3. Dermatomes
    4. Spinal nerve injuries
    5. Facet joint and disc innervation
    6. Autonomic nervous system
  6. Muscles of the back
    1. Superficial subdivision
    2. Intermediate subdivision
    3. Deep subdivision
    4. Transversospinalis group
  7. The neck
    1. Superficial anterior neck
    2. Deep anterior neck
  8. Study question answers
  9. References
About the Authors

Gerard Gorniak

William Conrad