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How to Tackle Hybrid Working

Making Hybrid Work Scalable in the Digital Era

Language:  English
This book stresses the importance of hybrid work as a scalable business model. To achieve this, we must shift from the “9 to 5” approach towards the concept of smart working.
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This book explains why it’s time to get ready for new ways of working. Therefore, it presents concept of workplace flexibility and how this can be shaped as a scalable business model. Hybrid working as the „new normal” isn’t just going to be about combining the old ways of office days with work from home but making both a meaningful experience. Companies will need strong leadership to guide employees through this change to reach their goals. Therefore, notions such as synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, motivation and engagement as well as a results-based work approach are being explained in this book. It all fits into the concept of “smart working” which is the opposite of the traditional 9 to 5 model that world knows so well.

About the Author

Nadia Harris, MBA - Founder of – the go-to place for flexible working advice. Keynote speaker, global expert of remote and hybrid work. Leader in remote and hybrid work according to the TOP 15 Remote Work Advocates ranking prepared by All American Speakers, the British Onalytica report "Who's who in remote working" and global “Remote Innovator of 2022” according to Remote. She has collaborated with clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. Fluent in English, German, Polish and French. Nadia holds a legal degree and an MBA in Intercultural Managerial Communication.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. The journey towards hybrid work
    1. A brief history of work
    2. Popular work models
    3. Hybrid work as global workplace revolution
  2. Office spaces in the hybrid work model
    1. Optimizing the office space
    2. Designing the best hybrid working experience for hybrid workers
  3. Leading a hybrid team
    1. The notion of smart working
    2. Tracking goals instead of time
    3. Synchronous and asynchronous working
    4. An open conversation policy
  4. Motivation and engagement within a hybrid team
    1. The company’s values, purpose, mission, and vision
    2. Remote-friendly team engagement practices
    3. KUDOS in a hybrid work environment
  5. Rethinking well-being and work-life-balance
    1. Well-being tips for hybrid teams
    2. The importance of boundaries
    3. Work life balance or work life integration
  • Author’s note
About the Author

Nadia Harris