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How to Stop Being a Perfectionist

6m 53s
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Jay explains why it’s important to get your ideas out there as soon as possible, and how trying to get your product perfect at the beginning can have a negative effect on you and your business.
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  •  Perfection can harm your business. Don’t over think things before you go out and test your market.

  •  Get your product out as fast as possible, it doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as it works and solves the problem get it out.

  •  Ask yourself whether it’s something your customer loves or if it’s something you love. Your customer needs to be the one who loves the product.

  •  If you’re in the mind-set where you can get it to a level where it works, then you get it out there, you’ll always have a completion date.  

  •  If you think it’s got to be perfect, then you’re never going to be happy. You won’t take risks to gain feedback either.

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Jay Dhillon