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How to Sell Virtually Part 1

Finding New Business - Prospecting

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Join your Prospecting Masterclass. How to source Qualified Prospects. How to draw up an Ideal Customer Profile. How to Disqualify Suspects from Prospects, using MAN.
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The Sales Maestro, Clive Price shares with salespeople his “Virtual Selling” Masterclass.

In this Sales Series you’ll learn the tactics and techniques of the top Sales Pro’s and give you the 6 Proven Sales Tools you need, to generate meetings and close new business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to develop a compelling value proposition that attract Key Decision Makers
  • 3 Keys to access even the busiest Decision Makers
  • 3 Techniques on how to close new deals in today’s ‘Virtual’ world.

Don’t miss your chance to get this exclusive research, learning, and tools.

About the author

Clive Price is the founder and CEO of the Peer Sales Training Group.

In 2021, his company received an award from IMEA, as the “Best Sales Training Company".

Clive remains at the cutting edge of technology and ‘Virtual” Selling.

He has grown Sales for clients in 8 Countries and trained over 250 000 delegates.

About the Author

Clive Price

Clive C. Price

The consummate sales maestro, Clive can orchestrate any sales dialogue into a win-win for all. Pushing the boundaries of learning, he has successfully trained thousands of delegates around the world who have all experienced the ‘ka-ching’ factor from his unique brand of training. The naughty chuckle in his eyes is perhaps typical of an entrepreneurial thinker, who has turned the conventional ways of selling upside down.

Clive is Managing Director of The Peer Group in South Africa and has a BA (Econ) from Wits University and a post-graduate diploma in Learning Psychology from London University. He has an astute grasp of what it takes to succeed in sales and business and has published many articles including:

  • Objections Open the Doors
  • Six Common Sales Blunders
  • Are Brilliant Salespeople Born?
  • How Buyer’s Seduce Salespeople
  • Watch Your Sales Soar