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How to Present as a Leader

31m 32s
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After listening to this audio learning, you will be able to create a Leadership mindset, influence your listener and achieve effective communication.
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Video is a platform to demonstrate your leadership. Whether you are in a leadership role, a manager or someone with aspirations to advance your career, mastering this skill will increase your opportunity. This audio learning will teach you how to create a confident leadership mindset, have something positive, vibrant and interesting to say, develop your three key messages, build a powerful leadership impression and connection with your audience, and how to, most importantly, look like a leader, act like a leader, speak like a leader, so that you become a leader on video.

About the author

My name is Paul Castle. I am a qualified solicitor with a background in Financial Services, Personal Development, communication, public speaking and mentoring video conferencing.

My mission is to give people, the confidence, knowledge and skill to communicate and network. To present themselves, their ideas and their skills, in a way that gets them positively noticed in their organisation.

About the Author

Paul Castle