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How to Manage your Key Stakeholders

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In this episode, you’ll learn to, identify your key stakeholders, understand who has the most power and influence, the importance of communication, flex your style according to theirs.
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Traditionally, Stakeholder Management used to refer to those individuals who were involved in a specific project. Nowadays, the term tends to be more of a generic reference to those individuals who have an interest in your work, either internally within your organization, or externally with suppliers and customers, for example. They are people with whom you need to communicate regularly, exchange information, and get or keep on board with your ideas, projects, and work tasks.

About the Author

Jill Maidment is the Founder of Natural Talent Bristol and a highly sought-after and effective international Executive Business Coach, also delivering Career Transition and Outplacement Coaching and Resilience Coaching. For 18 years Jill has worked in partnership and confidentially with leaders in a wide range of global brands and large public sector organisations, affecting real and lasting behavioural change by providing executives with the latest tools and techniques to cope with the key issues and challenges of modern-day leadership, including managing change, remote working and stress.

About the Author

Jill Maidment