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How to Keep Your Remote Audiences Engaged

So They Don’t Tune Out

13m 33s
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Every few minutes your audience will wander off mentally and sometimes physically from your meeting. Esther Stanhope shares her dos and don’ts of keeping your audience hooked, engaged and tuned in.
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This virtual working world now requires you to have a whole new set of skills.

In order to be successful in business and to thrive in your workplace now, more than ever before, you’ve got to be brilliant at broadcasting as well as do your everyday job.

The good news is this; you can be an excellent broadcaster if you learn the simple skills and techniques. That’s where host Esther Stanhope, known in FTSE100 firms as ‘The Impact Guru’ comes in.

Her 20 years of broadcasting expertise (10 years at the BBC) can help you feel like a pro- broadcaster. She knows all the rules of thumb when it comes to showing up live on air.

By the end of this episode, you will have 3 tangible dos and 3 tangible don’ts you can put in practice immediately so you can keep your remote audiences engaged and tuned in.

You’ll also feel more confident and competent when you approach your next virtual meeting or event.

About the author

If anyone can help you speak like a pro, get promoted and have more impact & presence, it’s Esther Stanhope.

Since leaving the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in London as a senior producer in 2011, she’s helped thousands of professionals in FTSE 100 firms get promoted, speak with confidence and step into leadership roles.

Esther’s global clients include world famous organisations like Barclays, JPMorgan and Deloitte.  

In her career, she has clocked up 12.5 thousand hours of live broadcasting at the BBC and nearly 5 thousand celebrity interviews (like George Clooney & Madonna!)

Her speciality? Getting the best out of talent. That could be you.  

She’s a sought-after keynote speaker on confidence, self-promotion, women and leadership for the likes of; the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Kings College London; the British Army, The British Government and the creative, tech and property industries.

She speaks internationally from Canada & Paris to Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and the USA. Her masterclasses are a big hit for awaydays, off sites and virtual client events. Esther regularly hosts lively International Women’s Day ‘Speak Up’ events for clients all over the world and now her virtual keynotes are watched by 1000s.

Her last book “Goodbye Glossophobia – Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking” won the highly commended award for the Short Business Book of the Year 2020 #BBA2020 and sold out on Amazon on day 3!

Now she’s sharing her personal impact and career boosting secrets with you.

About the Author

Esther Stanhope