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How to Keep your Life in Balance

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This book presents a variety of suggestions and strategies – including organization, simplification and mindfulness – so that you can keep work and busyness from threatening a balanced lifestyle.
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Work-life balance is a blend of work and personal life that is satisfying to you and the significant people in your life. Life balance also takes into consideration the various roles you play in your personal life such as parent, spouse, and friend as well as the activities that consume your time.

How to keep balance in your life discusses all of the above, as well as practices such as mindfulness and simplification, so that you can take the action necessary to ensure that your total life is in balance.

Balance will keep your life free from excessive stress, busyness and guilt so that you can lead a healthy, happy and purposeful life.

About the author

Harold Taylor, CSP, president of Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd., and now operating as Taylor In Time, was a teaching master at Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology in Toronto, Canada for eight years before launching into the consulting business. He has now been speaking, writing and conducting training programs on the topic of effective time management for over 35 years. He has written over 20 books, including a Canadian bestseller, Making Time Work for You. He has developed over 50 time management products, including the popular Taylor Planner, which has sold in 38 countries around the world. He has had over 300 articles accepted for publication.

A past director of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Harold Taylor received their Founder’s Award in 1999 for outstanding contributions to the organizing profession. He received the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation in 1987 from the National Speakers Association. In 1998 the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers inducted him into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. And in 2001, he received the first Founder’s Award from the Professional Organizers in Canada. The award has been named in his honor.

Since 1981, when he incorporated the original time management company, he has personally presented over 2000 workshops, speeches and keynotes on the topic of time and life management.

  1. An introduction to life balance 
    1. What is life balance? 
    2. The benefits of life balance 
    3. Signs that your life may be getting out of balance 
  2. Don’t become a workaholic 
    1. Are you a workaholic? 
    2. True workaholics are decreasing in number 
    3. Avoid burnout 
  3. Maintaining balance in your life 
    1. Ways to maintain balance 
    2. Draw up a time budget 
    3. Control the TV set 
    4. Obtaining quality time with the children 
    5. Controlling electronic gadgets 
  4. Juggling career, home and family 
    1. Running a home-based business 
    2. It’s good business to be business-like 
    3. Keep organized 
    4. Helping others manage their time 
    5. Manage your email 
    6. Your family together 
  5. Simplifying your life 
    1. Balance and simplification go hand in hand 
    2. How to simplify your life 
    3. Does your life need simplifying? 
    4. Simplify your possessions as well 
  6. Simplifying what you do 
    1. A life of choices 
    2. Simplify your to do list 
    3. Eliminate low-value activities 
  7. The role of mindfulness in life balance 
    1. The need for mindfulness 
    2. Doing one thing at a time 
    3. Benefits of mindfulness 
    4. Organize your mind 
    5. Let your mind control your brain 
About the Author

Harold Taylor