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How to Hybrid Work like a Pro

And stay Sane, Accountable and Fulfilled while doing so

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Hybrid work is hard to pull off right. After reading this, you will understand how to make hybrid work for you. Learn from others and get inspired to assemble your own unique hybrid work flavor.
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Hybrid work is really hard to pull off right. What’s worse: The cost of doing it wrong, potentially losing control and paralyzing the team, is so frightening that many managers would rather have everybody come back to the office and miss out on the benefits of a more flexible set up.But don’t fret! We got your back - in this book we have collected an overview of hybrid work models from all around the world.After reading this book, you will understand hybrid work models and how to make them work for you. Learn from others and get inspired to assemble your own unique hybrid work flavor.

About the Author

Arina Trofimova is an entrepreneur, author and consultant with many years of experience in the fields of communication, innovation, sales and new work. As a typical Millennial, Arina has been steadily pushing for a better work-life balance since her first full-time job. Arina identified the flexibility she was granted (or not granted) as a major motivating factor to perform. As a founder she consults teams, companies and home office veterans and helps them build a sustainable culture and move their offices to inspiring places. Hybrid is the foundation granting the sweetest new work rewards.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. What’s Hybrid Work and why is it a good Idea?
    1. What is Hybrid Work?
    2. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Models?
  2. How to build an Inclusive & Effective Hybrid Culture
    1. What is a Company Culture and how to transfer existing Culture into a Hybrid Setup?
    2. What about Remote first?
    3. Chapter Summary and Checklist inclusive Hybrid Culture
  3. Communication & Digitization
    1. Communication Guidelines
    2. Digital Communication Tools
    3. Communication Chapter Summary
  4. Hybrid Set-Ups
    1. Fixed Hybrid Setup
    2. Flexible Hybrid Setup
    3. Summary
  5. Pitch & Plan Hybrid
    1. The HR Perspective
    2. Argumentation Logic
    3. Summary and Script
  • Conclusion & Parting Advice
  • Conclusion
  • Good to know
  • Summary and Farewell
  • References
About the Author

Arina Trofimova