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How to Have Confidence at Work

A Practical Guide to Manage your Confidence at Work

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If you’ve ever felt that a lack of confidence has stopped you achieving success at work, this ebook will help you build your confidence, step up to opportunities and get the results you want.
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Have you ever felt your confidence ebb away over time? Perhaps it was a comment from a colleague or sometimes formal feedback can crush your confidence. Maybe you’ve pushed yourself to do something new, like go for the promotion, develop a new product, or implement a process that hasn’t gone to plan that’s impacted your confidence?Managing confidence is key to achieving success at work. This ebook helps you to understand your confidence levels, identify triggers that affect your confidence and provide practical tools to keep your confidence levels up in order to achieve the results you want.

About the Author

Lucy Gower is director at Lucidity and founder of a learning and development community called the Lucidity Network. She is a trainer, coach and facilitator helping managers and leaders to prioritise time to build their confidence, think clearly and achieve impact and results at work.Lucy helps clients to build and maintain their confidence and resilience to think creatively, develop ideas and make positive change happen. She is the bestselling author of The Innovation Workout and a global speaker on creativity and innovation. Lucy lives in Devon, UK and is PA to Gary Gower, a Wire Fox Terrier.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Understanding Confidence
    1. What is Self-confidence?
    2. Confidence can be Learned
    3. You have a Choice
    4. Start to Notice
    5. Your Confidence Signals
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. What Affects your Confidence?
    1. Fear
    2. Fear of Failure
    3. Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm
    4. Emotions
    5. Confidence and Wellbeing
    6. Chapter Summary
  3. The Impact of Low Confidence
    1. You Don’t Step up to Opportunities
    2. Low Confidence can Affect your Mood
    3. Avoiding Feedback and Opportunities to Learn
    4. Relationships can be Affected
    5. You can Lose your Motivation
    6. Impacts Communication and Leadership Potential
    7. Chapter Summary
  4. Practical Tools to help you keep your Confidence High
    1. Your Confidence Bucket
    2. Limiting Beliefs
    3. Managing your Inner Critic
    4. How to Step out of your Comfort Zone
    5. Choose a Growth Mindset
    6. Learning from Failure
    7. How to Fuel your Confidence
    8. Notice when your Confidence Starts to Dip
    9. Ask Why
    10. Your Troupe
    11. Chapter Summary
  5. How to Support Others and Build their Confidence
    1. Listen
    2. Expectations and Feedback
    3. Encourage a Growth Mindset in your Team
    4. Make it OK to Fail
    5. Communication
    6. Chapter Summary
  • Conclusion
  • References
About the Author

Lucy Gower