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How to Give Difficult Feedback Virtually

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Giving feedback virtually offers even more opportunities for things to go wrong. This practical guide will help you navigate the difficulties and give feedback that gets results.
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Giving feedback can be a challenging task at any time, and giving feedback virtually means there are even more things to go wrong, as we lose some of the benefits of being in the same place. This practical guide gives you principles and a structure to work through to make sure that all your virtual feedback gets the results you want.

About the author

After a career in learning and development in the NHS and in telecoms, Terry Pearce founded 360 Learning Design in 2005. Since then, he’s helped thousands of learners to improve their communication, approaches, and results. Terry’s passion is deconstructing complex, deep or unfamiliar management and personal effectiveness topics and creating practical, engaging learning materials.

About the Author

Terry Pearce