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How to Find Your Dream Job

A 5-Step Process

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In this book you will find tips, tactics, and strategies to get your dream job including samples and templates.
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In this book you will find tips, tactics, and strategies to get your dream job including samples and templates. You will learn the 5 steps to find your job including how to write your resume, how to network, how to interview and how to negotiate your salary. If you don’t know what you want to do, you can assess your skills and match them to potential jobs. If you know your job title, you can write a resume that will get interviews. You get 4 ways to network, 2 ways to approach a company, 3 ways to handle the salary question and more.

About the Author

Amy Geffen, PhD is President of Geffen Careers. She has over 30 years of experience in management, finance, engineering and non-profits. She was formerly Director of Professional Development for the Council for Economic Education, CEO of NYSSA, interim CEO of the Financial Women’s Association, and Assistant Dean of Continuing Education at Westchester Community College. She has a BA from Brooklyn College, an MA from Harvard University and a PhD from New York University.

  • About the author
  1. Assessment
    1. Introduction to the five step process: assessing, branding, connecting, differentiating, enhancing
    2. Start your job search by assessing your skills, interests and values
    3. 5 Ways to transition to a new field
    4. Next steps in the process
  2. Building your personal brand
    1. 5 Keys to your resume
    2. Dealing with a job gap on your resume
    3. 5 Ways to use your pitch
    4. Resume vs. Linkedin
    5. 5 Most important parts of your Linkedin profile
    6. How to write your cover letter
  3. Connecting: how to build your network and get meetings
    1. Networking to find a job
    2. 4 Ways to grow your network
    3. Getting meetings
    4. 5 Reasons you have not yet found a job
  4. Differentiating yourself from the competition
    1. How to answer 5 difficult interview questions
    2. How to answer 5 more difficult interview questions
    3. 5 Ways to handle a difficult interviewer
    4. How to handle the salary question
  5. Enhancing your candidacy
    1. After the interview, then what?
    2. 5 Tips to recover from a bad interview
    3. Tips for salary and compensation negotiation
    4. Your first day on a new job
    5. 5 Tips for staying motivated during your job search
    6. How to overcome obstacles and roadblocks
    7. Conclusion
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About the Author

Amy Geffen