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How to Excel in the Digital World

International Collaboration & the Soft Skills for Success

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This book is about digital transformation and the soft skills needed for successful international collaboration.
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While digital transformation shakes the world, both private and public organisations are adapting to a new reality as relationships with customers and citizens profoundly change. Post Covid-19, remote working will become the new normal and this increases the need for upskilling. Research shows that the skills most needed for this new world are soft skills like adaptability, intellectual curiosity, resilience, openness and cultural competence and intercultural communication skills. This eBook is about how to improve these skills in international collaboration and boost your international professional career. It pays most attention to collaboration between Dutch and Indian companies but is applicable to all who work in an international setting.

About the author

Bert van Hijfte has been working with Asia and India for over thirty years both as a journalist, consultant and trainer. Because of the growing presence of Indian companies the world over he decided in 1997 to start a consultancy to improve collaboration with Asia and Indians in particular. Most friction between people with different nationalities is caused by differences in cultures and ways of communicating. A better understanding of the underlying differences improves collaboration and is beneficial for organisations and the career of all involved.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Digital Transformation, International Collaboration and Global Sourcing
  2. East and West: Culture, communication and management
  3. India, Indians and Indian IT companies
  4. About soft skills, culture and communication: Hall, Hofstede and Trompenaars
    1. Ed and Mildred Hall
    2. Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture
    3. Trompenaars’ 7 Dimensions of Culture
  5. Collaboration in multicultural teams. Steps for Cultural Synergy
  6. Collaboration 2.0: The Soft Skills for success in the Digital World
  • References

About the Author

Bert van Hijfte