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How to Dress with Confidence at Work

The Key Elements to Curating Your Style with Confidence

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Dress with Confidence by Discovering Your Personal Style provides a step-by-step guide to rediscovering your style confidence and trusting your true self while maintaining a business dress code.
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As an expert in your field, you want to harness the power of a great outfit and show up as the most confident version of yourself. But how do you navigate the unwritten rules, corporate culture, and daily anguish of deciding what to wear? Stop listening to your inner critic, and start listening to your true self by embracing your identity and rediscovering the key elements of style confidence while ensuring you adhere to the business dress code.

About the Author

Sarah Gray is a Style Confidence Coach based in Warwickshire, UK. Since 2006, Sarah has helped professional women uncover their unique personal style and find their confidence to banish outfit overwhelm, look great, and feel fabulous every day.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. First Impressions
    1. First Impressions Count
    2. Understanding the business dress code specific to your organisation
    3. Understanding appropriate dressing for my office environment
  2. Style Personality
    1. What is Style Personality?
    2. Uniquely You - How Do You Figure Out Your Style Personality?
    3. What Are You Comfortable Wearing?
    4. Ditching the ‘Should’ Rules
  3. Colour Psychology
    1. What is Colour Psychology?
    2. Why You Might Want to Consider Alternatives to Wearing Black?
    3. How Can You utilise Colour In Your Outfits?
  4. Fit, Flatter & Function
    1. Fit: How to Ensure Your Clothing Fits Well
    2. Flatter: How to Ensure Your Clothing Flatters Your Figure
    3. Function: How to ensure Your Clothing is Suitable for Your Day
  5. Organise Your Wardrobe
    1. Capsule Wardrobe
    2. How to Organise Your Wardrobe
  6. Remote Working
    1. Keyboard dressing
    2. Corporate Travel
  • Summary
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Sarah Gray