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Getting Ready for Circularity

A Guide to Implement & Accelerate a Global Circular Economy

Language:  English
This guide is for any business decision maker willing to implement and accelerate a global Circular Economy. Eight key areas describe how to take ambitious action and drive the global systemic change.
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This book is designed for those who experience tremendous risks in the current linear system, for those who’ve been waiting for this powerful ‘buzzword’ to pass, or simply for those who heard about Circular Economy and wish to learn more about it. This book can act as a guide for any business decision maker willing to contribute to the Circular Economy transition and aims to encourage the reader to ambitious action. The eight key areas described are designed to act upon one of the biggest global challenges of our time. Are you ready to implement and accelerate a global Circular Economy?

About the Author

Anne is an experienced Circular Economy advisor with an extensive educational and professional background in circularity and business processes. As a former big four consultant she worked with many international organizations to drive the global systemic change. Her ambition is to further develop a global Circular Economy and therefore she works with tremendous passion on shaping the world of tomorrow. Her projects are focused on providing practical solutions to unlock the opportunities created by a Circular Economy.

  • Preface
  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. A Circular Economy
    1. The Systemic Solution
    2. From a Historical Perspective Towards a Promising Future
  2. Contribute to the Circular Ecosystem
    1. Behavioral Change for Systemic Change
    2. Flows of a Circular Ecosystem
    3. An Example of Circular Ecosystem Innovation
  3. Take Down - and Upstream Responsibility
    1. Type and Amount of Responsibility to Take
    2. An Example of Taking Responsibility
  4. Enjoy Benefits of Multi-Actor Collaboration
    1. Value of Effective Collaborations
    2. Global Collaboration Barriers and Enablers
    3. Examples of Effective Multi-Actor Collaborations
  5. Increase Data Transparency
    1. Benefits of Collecting and Managing Data
    2. Circular Supply Chains
    3. An Example of Collecting and Managing Data
  6. Create, Capture, and Retain Value
    1. Avoid Value Loss
    2. Conceptual Models Applied in Practice
    3. An Example of Creating, Capturing, and Retaining Value
  7. Unlock Circular Opportunities
    1. Linear Risks Versus Circular Opportunities
    2. From Circular Ambitions to Action Today
    3. An Example of Unlocking Opportunities
  8. Measure of Success
    1. Circular Measurement Frameworks
    2. Stakeholder Requirements
    3. An Example of Measuring Success
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Figures
  • Appendices
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Anne Elise Maria van der Tuin – Rademaker