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You can learn organizational skills and make them a habit in your life. This book helps you declutter and organize your mind, time, environment, technology, and life in general.
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Are you looking to become more organized in your life? Are you tired of seeing clutter and mess at home and at the office? If you are feeling overwhelmed with the clutter in your house, this book is for you. The good news is that organization is not a trait you’re born with, but rather one that you learn. This book helps you develop an organizational habit, provides tips to declutter and organize better, and learn ways to organize your mind, time, environment, technology, and life. This book shows you how to organize every aspect of your life so that you will be more productive and efficient.

About the Author

Dr. John J. Liptak is an internationally-recognized author with thirty years of work experience providing counseling. He has authored over 100 workbooks with Ester Leutenberg, 31 career assessment instruments, and ten books. John earned an Ed.D. in Counselor Education from Virginia Tech. He lives in Radford, Virginia, in the United States and is President of the Center for Career Assessment, Inc. John has written ten books for Bookboon.

  • About the Author
  • Preface
  1. Organization as executive function
    1. Introduction
    2. What is organization?
    3. Benefits of being organized
    4. Triggering your executive function
    5. Organizational skills framework
    6. Conclusion
  2. Find more time
    1. Introduction
    2. What is time organization?
    3. Good time organizers
    4. Set and stick to goals
    5. Stick to your schedule
    6. Overcome busyness
    7. Conclusion
  3. Organize mental overload
    1. Introduction
    2. Your brain is like a computer
    3. The solution
    4. Conclusion
  4. Declutter your physical world
    1. Introduction
    2. General organizing principles
    3. Get organized at home
    4. Get organized at work
    5. Conclusion
  5. Organizing personal technology
    1. Introduction
    2. Electronic and technology devices
    3. Decluttering and organizing checklist
    4. Conclusion
  6. Organize your life
    1. Introduction
    2. The LIVE model
    3. Difficulties of personal organization
    4. Organizing yourself
    5. Conclusion
  7. References
About the Author

Dr. John Liptak