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Flying Solo Under 30

A guide to setting up in business for young entrepreneurs

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How to ‘fly solo’ as a young entrepreneur reveals how to become that person who will succeed by acquiring the right mindset critical to running a successful start-up business.
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The last decade has seen a significant boom in new businesses being launched particularly by Generation Y, also known more commonly as the Millennials.

This practical book written by experienced small business coach & mentor Carole Davidson reveals how to become a young entrepreneur. It outlines the skills, attributes and knowledge required to succeed in running a successful start-up business.

Discover how to transition from employee or student to business owner by understanding as to why having the right mindset is crucial to success and whether you too, can ‘fly solo’ as a young entrepreneur.

  1. Taking the first steps
    1. Leaving the corporate world to start your own business
    2. Leaving University/College to start your own business
    3. So how do you take this idea forward?
    4. Step One
    5. Who will be the right mentor/coach for my business?
    6. Why a coach/mentor is not you boss
    7. So where do I find a mentor?
    8. Step Two
    9. Step Three
    10. Step Four
    11. Step Five
  2. Millennials
    1. Who are the millennials?
    2. The millennial mindset
    3. Employment Goals
    4. Work habits – Millennials
    5. How do we coach millennials to achieve the desired outcomes?
  3. Business planning
    1. Writing your first business plan
    2. Is my idea viable for a new business?
    3. What makes my business idea different from everyone else?
    4. Artisans
    5. Business name
    6. What type of company should I register?
    7. What about VAT?
    8. Getting an Accountant/Legal Advisor
    9. How do I protect my brand?
    10. What are the funding options available?
    11. Business account set up
    12. Business insurance
    13. And finally, what is Start Up Salary Success?
  4. Launching your business
    1. Portfolio Career
    2. Planning and administration
    3. Marketing campaign
    4. Website
    5. Collaboration
    6. Why to I need to network?
    7. Building your Team
  5. Case Studies
    1. Katie Sargent – Utta Nutta
    2. Working with a mentor
    3. Publicity
    4. Recognition of success
    5. Francesca Silvestre – Espresso Kitchen
    6. Working with a mentor
    7. Starting Out
    8. The Future
  6. Intrapreneurs
    1. An alternative option; ‘staying corporate’
    2. Tips for growing your entrepreneurial skills
    3. The Future
  7. Conclusion
    1. Learn from Experience
    2. Getting the right mentor
    3. Just Start!
I loved the supportive and realistic tone of this book. It is packed full of practical advice and inspiring stories. The book served me as a reminder that nobody ever really flies completely solo!
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