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First Comes Baby, Then Comes Work

Now Get Ready for Your New Life

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In this book, we'll walk you through some of the biggest changes that are coming your way and how you can best prepare yourself for them.
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Whatever your story is, I'm here to tell you that it's time to make big changes in your life. It's time for your baby to come into this world! And guess what? This time for change is going to be different from any other big change in your life. It's true: having a baby will change everything about how you live, work, and play. But it doesn't have to stop there! I can help you with an easy-to-follow plan that will keep your career on track so that when it is time for the next big thing in life—your child growing up into adulthood—you'll be ready again!

About the Author

Natasha M. Nurse is a proud ’08 graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. She is a DEI & HR Professional, Coach, Speaker, and Podcaster. She started Dressing Room 8 to provide a web-based resource for women to gain empowerment through her blog and coaching services. Natasha focuses her coaching on media, career, and accountability. She started the innovative podcast WokeNFree with her husband to address hot topics in an entertaining and educational way. Additionally, she is an enthusiastic mom who loves creating content, reading, and enjoying time at home with her husband, son, and dog.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Baby and Work-Life Balance
    1. How to Find Your Own Balance
    2. Ups and Downs of Work-Life Balance
  2. Why Balance Really Matters?
    1. How to Identify Existing Obstacles
    2. How Having a Baby Changes Your Life (and Career)
  3. Time Management is Everything
    1. Mastering the Art of Time Management
    2. How to Give Yourself Grace
  4. Best Practices for Remote Work
    1. What are Best Practices for Remote Work?
  5. Embrace Your New Normal
    1. How to Embrace Change
    2. Nancy Drew in Real Life
  6. Be Your Own Best Advocate
    1. How Employers Can Do the Right Thing
    2. Find Your Tribe in the Workplace
  7. What to Expect Along the Way
    1. Do’s and Don’ts as a New Parent
    2. Mindfulness Practices as a New Parent
  8. Entrepreneurial Exploration
    1. Ultimate Guide for Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities
    2. Reimaging Your Career as a New Parent
  • Conclusion
  • References

Understand how to manage work and family time effectively. Learn key time management strategies for new parents. Find suitable remote work practices to fit parental duties. Adjust to the new lifestyle changes after having a baby.

About the Author

Natasha Nurse