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Finance for the Non-Financial Manager I

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Giving an excellent grounding in finance for the non-financial manager.
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This book has been written for junior, middle and senior managers who do not work in accounting or finance but who need to know what happens in accounting and finance! By the end of the book, you will

  1. Be able to distinguish between and use the three major financial statements
    1. Income Statement
    2. Balance Sheet
    3. Cash Flow Statement
  2. Carry out an analysis of financial data using a variety of techniques, including ratio analysis
  3. Carry out a qualitative analysis of financial and non financial data
  4. Review the annual report and accounts of organisations, including the notes of explanation found in those reports
  5. Identify trends and strategies contained in financial and non financial data and reports
  1. Building the Accounting Picture
    1. Definitions
    2. The Bookkeeping and Accounting Cycle
    3. Bookkeeping Processes
  2. Identifying a Bookkeeping Transaction
    1. The Concepts of Accounting
  3. Building Financial Statements
    1. Case Study: David Tasker
    2. David Tasker Guidance and Templates
  4. Business Analysis
    1. Credit Analysis
    2. Equity Analysis
    3. Business Activities
    4. Planning Activities
    5. Financing Activities
    6. Operating Activities
  5. Correlation and Correlation Matrices
    1. Correlation
    2. Excel: CORREL(array_1,array_2)
    3. Data Analysis ToolPak Add-In
  6. Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  7. Financial Statements: basic analysis
    1. Financial Statements Reflect Business Activities
    2. The Financial Ratio Analysis of Organisations
  8. Financial Statements Analysis: in detail
    1. 1 Comparative financial statement analysis
    2. 2 Common Size Financial Statement Analysis
    3. Creating Common Size Statements
    4. 3 Ratio analysis
    5. 4 Cash Flow Analysis
    6. 5 Valuation
  9. Benchmarking of Financial and Non Financial Performance
    1. Key Performance Indicators
    2. Management Models That Have a Profound Impact on KPIs
    3. Balanced Scorecard
    4. Beyond Budgeting Management Model
    5. Converting Reports from Information Memorandums to Decision Based Reports
    6. Definitions
  10. Review Annual Report and Accounts
    1. Non Financial Data
    2. Reviewing the Annual Report for Evidence of Trends and Strategies
    3. Identify trends and strategies contained in financial and non financial data and reports
Ce livre permet aux managers et étudiants de mieux connaître les finances.
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