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Explaining Marketing to Grank, an Alien

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Ever wondered about Aliens and Marketing? Maybe not at the same time. Well, this eBook bridges that gap.
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Marketing can seem alien and a time suck but it's human nature to promote and let people know, besides screaming on a sidewalk, how great your product and or service is and how it can help others. Come learn about marketing with an Alien!

About the Author

Alina Braverman's career is anything but typical. She started her career in finance and grew into technology roles as the internet and digital technologies started being used for business. As the startup scene took hold in NYC, Alina held numerous positions with emerging startups, most famously which ended up selling it’s features to Facebook and LinkedIn. After the collapse of startup 1.0, Silicon Alley, Alina still wanted to stay in digital and explore how it could connect people and businesses. She then went on to grow with the digital space and work with a variety of technology, agency and consulting companies, trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together and more importantly, what marketing, digital and social means for brands and businesses. Alina is problem-solving for the next digital communication challenges, privacy, advertising tipping point, environmental, and cultural challenges to name a few.

  • About the Author
  1. What is Marketing: How it Came About and Why
  2. Basics of Branding and the Psychology of Marketing
  3. Traditional Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Social Media and Marketing
  6. Audience
  • Conclusion
  • Marketing Acronyms
Excellent perspective on marketing and its history. Very entertaining character. Easy to read and understand.
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About the Author

Alina Braverman