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Expert Talk: What Should Be in a Contract?

25m 59s
Language:  English
Make sure your contract is effective. This talk explains what should be in a contract.
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This talk is the third of a four-part series. For each contract we write, we need to think the higher the value or risk the more you should write down. 

Also have a structure to help you ensure everything is included right from the start date to the signature. Can you write the commercial deal, the special terms important to you, the part about risk, and then some general legalise?Make sure it has a good title too. (The first talk in this series explains how to get into of a contract, the second how to get out of a contract and the fourth explains the intention of some clauses around risk.)

About the Authors

Steve Mallaband is a procurement professional with over 25 years’ experience, and has held senior positions in private- and public-sector organisations, both in the UK and abroad. During his career, not only has he negotiated many different contracts of all sorts, shapes and sizes but he has also gone on to manage these through to successful conclusion. For the last 10 years he has provided consultancy and training to a variety of clients around the globe. He is a knowledgeable, interesting and dynamic consultant who is able to draw on his very considerable practical experience to excellent effect.   Rosamund Howard is a professional consultant and trainer with a rich and varied career in industry and education. She believes that excellence in communication and other “soft skills” are vital for business success, and has a real passion for helping others to achieve their goals. For the last 13 years she has provided consultancy, coaching and training to a variety of clients in many different countries and from many different organisations. She is a practical, down-to-earth consultant who excels in working with users to understand their needs and ensure that these are met.

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