Expert Talk: What is a Pitch

... and When do you Need to Pitch

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This Expert Talk presents the practical tools to deal with a short, time pressured pitch.
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David Beckett is an international pitch coach, who has trained over 900 Startups to win over €225Million in investment, working with Accelerators such as Startupbootcamp, ThinkAccelerate, MassChallenge and Rockstart. He's also trained more than 14,000 people at companies such as, Tommy...


Bookboon Expert Talks are episodes of 15 to 60 minutes. Their content varies from interviews to discussions and monologues aimed at listeners who want to delve deeper into business trends. These Talks are more casual than Bookboon Micro Talks and are ideal to find inspiration for your day or on a commuting journey.

What is a pitch and when do you make one? How is a pitch different to a presentation? And how do you manage the time pressure, which can cause your stress levels to explode?! The practical tools to deal with a short, time pressured pitch.