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Expert Talk: Make Better Decisions

The Art of Critical Thinking

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This Expert Talk explains what critical thinking is and how to use it to your advantage.
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These days information comes at us from all directions. It seems we have more to deal with and less time to do it. Making decisions and especially difficult decisions at speed and with confidence can be stressful.

However if you understand how to use critical thinking, dealing with this vast amount of information and choices can be easier. 

Critical thinking differs from ‘ordinary’ thinking because it provides you with the skills to analyse and evaluate information so that you can gain the maximum amount of knowledge from it.

It is about developing thought processes that are quick. Accurate and most importantly of all, assumption free.

This Expert Talk explains what critical thinking is and how to use it to your advantage.

About the Author

Sandy Leong

Sandy Leong set up her training business, Sahara Consultancy UK Ltd, - now rebranded as MyTrainingResources, over 25 years ago. She started it at her kitchen table in response to the problems of childcare and the need to be more flexible in her working life, and also having a passion to achieve something of which she could be proud. She is a trained teacher and holds the Certificate in Training & Development.

Sandy is a sought after speaker delivering talks that both entertain and inform. Working both on land and at sea lecturing to many diverse groups from Historical Societies and U3A’s to audiences on board cruise ships.

She is a well-respected trainer delivering management development and personal development training programmes across the UK and internationally, known for her practical and results focussed style.

She is passionate about helping and empowering people, especially women, to develop the confidence to reach their goals.

Locally she is Chair of the Board of Trustees of a large charity, a member of Charnwood Museum Committee and a Past President of a Speakers Club within the umbrella of the National Association of Speaker’s Clubs, holding the Advanced Speakers Award.