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Expert Talk: Gender Gap & Inclusion

Interview with Monique Morrow

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Gender Gap & Inclusion in the workplace are key topics. In this interview, Monique Morrow discusses how to create a more inclusive environment & what we can do to bridge the gap between men & women.
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"In this interview, Monique Morrow shares her thoughts on why we need to address the gender gap and inclusion agenda. We discuss ethics and the benefits of embracing the facts that we are all different and must use this to create a more inclusive society. Embracing the agenda will also move the needle in terms of profits and also in terms of remaining corporately responsible.Monique (Senior Distinguished Architect of Emerging Technologies) and Nat Schooler discuss their perspectives around this and how it will move the needle in terms of profits and long term brand equity."

About the Author

Nat Schooler is a Futuristic Podcast Host, International Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Trusted Advisor. Nat has been recognized as an expert in his field with 250+ Interviews and collaborations with Michael Tobin OBE, Kim-Adele Platts, Stanley Tucci and other luminaries.

He has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of its Power Profile Award winners and is the author of "Podcast Recipe" which was awarded #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases list. Nat’s clients have included IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Brother Printers.

About the Author

Nat Schooler