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Expert Talk: Driving Engagement through Learning

Interview with Kathleen Donohoe

17m 3s
Language:  English
In this interview, we talk to Kathleen Donohoe, former Associate Director at KPMG and expert in Learning, about the learning space, engagement and the future of learning.
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In this interview, we talk to Kathleen Donohoe. She is an expert in Learning, innovation and strategy, was previously an Associate Director at KPMG and prior to that the director of Futures Learning in New South Wales, Australia. She is currently establishing a leading thinking international aligning innovation and learning. In our talk, we mention the future of learning, re-imagining the learning space, engagement, and learning communities.

About the author

As an experienced leader in Education, Kathleen is passionate about education, preparing students for an ever-changing future through the effective use of physical, virtual and social learning environments, innovative approaches to education, lifelong learning and digital literacy. 
Her work has focussed on the learning experience at the heart of decision making. She is an Honorary Fellow on The Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) project, affiliated with the Learning Environments and Applied Research Network (LEaRN) at The University of Melbourne. Projects have ranged from managing large scale infrastructure, educational reform, innovation and curriculum development for international bodies, to developing or aligning curriculum for national accreditation, utilising learning design approaches to ensure seamless learning environments and effective learning modes.
She has extensive project management experience, managing digital literacy, physical and virtual infrastructure projects >$10 million, excelling at problem identification and resolution to meet end user requirements through practical and viable solutions. You can find Kathleen on LinkedIn.
About the Author

Kathleen Donohoe