Expert Talk: Develop your Emotional Intelligence

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Developing your emotional intelligence takes practise but it is achievable for everybody. This Expert Talk explains how emotional intelligence works and how to develop the skills.
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Sandy Leong set up her training business, Sahara Consultancy UK Ltd, - now rebranded as MyTrainingResources, over 25 years ago. She started it at her kitchen table in response to the problems of childcare and the need to be more flexible in her working life, and also having a passion to achi


Developing your level of emotional intelligence is a great route to getting ahead in whatever it is you want to do. 

The concept of emotional intelligence is quite simple. It is about really knowing yourself, understanding how you behave in different circumstances and why. It is then being able to take this knowledge and use it so you can modify your behaviour to enable a win/win outcome in most situations so you can get the best for both you and the other parties involved.

Emotional intelligence can be broken down into 5 areas. These are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. Self-awareness is about really knowing who you are as a person; what your values are; what excites you or frustrates you, what makes you anxious. If you can recognise your emotions you can control them which is about self-regulation. Motivation is about how well can you motivate yourself, in short, what is it is that gets you out of bed every day. Put simply it’s about having a purpose.

The next is social awareness or empathy which is about how you interact with others and the fifth is having good social skills in different situations.

Everyone can develop their emotional intelligence and improve how they communicate with others.

Listen to this Expert Talk that explains emotional intelligence and how you can work on building yours to get ahead.