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5 Tips For Working From Home

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Are you working from home? Follow these practical tips for more success.
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Theoretically, working from home sounds like a dream. You can set your own schedule, no one is interrupting you, and you aren't constantly commuting. But reality is another story. Suddenly, your schedule is messed up, you get distracted easily, and you're working late into the night.

These five tips on how to work from home will help you. Whether you are now suddenly working from home due to the pandemic, or you are trying out what it's like to work from home, follow these tips for more success.

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Growing up surrounded by inspiring women fighting for gender equality in South America, the US, and Europe, Kat Brendel has seen first-hand the incredible value women bring to any table. As a journalist, interviewing female leaders from around the world to inspire more women to lead was the logical answer to how she could do her part. Because everyone benefits from more female leadership.

About the Author

Katharina Brendel