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Enterprise-Wide Organizational Change Management

Create New Constructs for a Winning Capability

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Enterprise-wide organizational change needs a construct that resembles the winning coalition of managers, coaches and players.
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It’s match day. Your team is playing a big game. It’s going to be a tough one. This game, like all those that have been played before, is different. The ground, the weather, playing conditions, opposition, tactics, team composition, player positions have all changed.Your team is fast, nimble, agile and constantly adapting to the opposition’s moves. They are brilliantly innovative and creative, and the opposition is struggling to respond. It’s a decisive win! As you relish in their glory, you reflect on way the game was played.“What does my winning team have that my organization does not?”The answer.A winning construct for enterprise-wide organizational change – managers, coaches and players.

About the Author

Karen Ferris is a self-professed organizational change management rebel, WITH a cause! - who pushes the boundaries to explore and develop new approaches that are guaranteed to make things better for all.In addition to this book, she has written four other publications on leadership and organizational change.Acclaimed as a leading thinker, she is also a consultant, coach, facilitator and international keynote speaker living in Melbourne Australia.

  • Introduction
  1. Skating on thin ice
  2. Change needs to change
    1. Coping mechanisms
  3. The Winning Coalition
    1. Players, Managers and Coaches
  4. The Roles
  5. Players
    1. Embracing change
    2. Driving change
    3. The capability and competency
  6. Managers
    1. Capacity
    2. The role – ENGAGEMENT with the players
    3. The role – SUSTAINMENT of the coaches
    4. Educate
    5. Support
    6. Coach and mentor
    7. Game score
  7. Coaches
    1. The role – SUPPORT of the players
  8. Establishing the coaching network
    1. Positioning presentation
    2. Assessment
    3. Define selection criteria
    4. Management overview
    5. Request for volunteers
    6. Selection
    7. Enablement
    8. Kick-off
    9. Manage the network
  • Conclusion
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Karen Ferris