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Enterprise Architecture

Designing a Better Enterprise

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This eBook provides a basic introduction to the concept of Enterprise Architecture – an emerging discipline that helps to structure and interrelate the various elements of an enterprise.
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The pace of change in today’s dynamic environment continuously exposes organizations to new opportunities or threats. To be able to react to the change better, organizations need to be agile and make decisions quicker. Better decisions can be taken if the complexities and impact of change on business, information, and technology is well understood. Therefore it is important that the various domains of an organization are well-mapped and structured so that the inter-relationship among them could be drawn; this will help in assessing the impact of change better. In other words, there is a need for a pan-organization architecture – also called Enterprise Architecture. This eBook explains the concept of Enterprise Architecture, its various aspects, its benefits and usefulness to organizations. The eBook also provides a framework to implement Enterprise Architecture.

  1. Why do we need Enterprise Architecture
  2. Benefits of Enterprise Architecture
    1. Enterprise Architecture in Real Life – Examples
    2. Enterprise Architecture as City Plan (Blueprint)
    3. Enterprise Architecture as Human Anatomy and Physiology
    4. Humane Genome Project
  3. History of Enterprise Architecture
  4. Components of Enterprise Architecture
    1. Business Architecture
    2. Application Architecture
    3. Data Architecture
    4. Technology Architecture
  5. Business Architecture
  6. Application Architecture
  7. Data Architecture
  8. Technology Architecture
  9. How to Execute Enterprise Architecture
    1. Executive Sponsorship
    2. Skills
    3. How Enterprise Architects are Different from Other Architects
    4. Framework
    5. Which Framework is Right for my Organization?
    6. Enterprise Architecture Tools
  10. Establishing Architecture Capability in an Enterprise
    1. Architecture Capability
    2. Architecture Board
    3. Architecture Compliance
    4. Architecture Contracts
    5. Architecture Governance
    6. Architecture Maturity Model
    7. Architecture Skills Framework
  11. Enterprise Architecture Success Stories
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