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Employee engagement

Getting the best from everyone, not just another survey

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Employee engagement is changing from a survey based one size fits all into part of strategy and organisational development and is becoming a critical success factor in employee/organisational success.
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Employee engagement is an emerging theme for many organisations, how in changing times, with differing employees and constant market pressures they get the best from their people.

So what is employee engagement?

  • What’s the difference between engagement and engaging employees?
  • How to be an engaging leader and work for the benefit of everyone?
  • What are the keys to success and the pitfalls to be avoided?
This book explores where employee engagement came from, what the influences are and drivers for engaged employees and how to turn strategy into action.

The book also reflects on the nature of leaders, coaching and mentoring within organisations as triggers for successful employee engagement.

It also looks at the changing world of work and the adapting types and forms of motivation to inspire and keep employees engaged throughout their career.

Case studies, practical examples and guidelines are throughout the book which helps to answer the key question of how to help all employees be engaged

  1. What is employee engagement? 
    1. History 
    2. Research by Gallup 
    3. Involvement or commitment or engagement 
    4. Drivers for engagement 
    5. Summary 
  2. How does this fit into the organisation? 
    1. Where does employee engagement fit into organisational development? 
    2. How do we create the conditions for successful employee engagement? 
    3. The mounting field of evidence for employee engagement 
    4. What do conditions for successful employee engagement look like? 
    5. Some common mistakes 
    6. Summary 
  3. The trouble with people, employees, gurus and happiness? 
    1. The engagement gurus – what they offer? 
    2. understanding motivation of employees 
    3. The changing thinking about motivation 
    4. The links between happiness, well being and employee engagement 
    5. Summary 
  4. What’s changing in the world of work? 
    1. Where are we now with work? 
    2. What about the Psychological Contract? 
    3. How can it all be fair? 
    4. A glimpse into the future 
    5. Summary 
  5. What part does respect play? 
    1. Gaining trust 
    2. Keeping trust 
    3. Working with the unengaged, bored, disinterested and those who have given up caring 
    4. Summary 
  6. What drives the need for employee engagement? 
    1. The influences for employee engagement 
    2. The four dimensions of employee engagement 
    3. Applying the engaging organisations model 
    4. How to create employee engagement? 
    5. Summary 
  7. The Stages of employees’ engagement? 
    1. The characteristics of an engaged employee 
    2. How to spot one by what they do 
    3. Where does engagement start? 
    4. How to keep engagement going? 
    5. Summary 
  8. The steps and tools for engagement 
    1. Surveys 
    2. Focus groups 
    3. Other methods 
    4. Reporting back and action planning 
    5. Summary 
  9. Getting the foundations right engaging communication and timing 
    1. Engaging and enabling through coaching and mentoring 
    2. Engaging Leadership 
    3. Alignment 
    4. To drip feed or explode 
    5. Summary 
  10. The future of employee engagement 
    1. The Chartered Institute for Professional Development (CIPD) view 
    2. The ACAS view 
    3. The Sunday Times best companies view 
    4. Implications for the future 
    5. Summary 
  11. Micro Case studies and conclusions 
    1. Some case study illustrations 
    2. What helps you get engaging employees? 
    3. Summary 
  12. Key themes summary, further reading and resources 

About the Author

Peter Mayes

Peter’s ability is to create clarity in the complex world of organisations and people through cutting through the jargon to get to the nub of the problem. Whether it is a complete organisational transition or personal blocks for executives he quickly establishes a climate of trust and dialogue.

He is an engaging speaker and facilitator enabling teams to get the point the and move to the next stage by provoking some challenge to the status quo and what the teams sees as the problem.

He has worked extensively with corporate and blue-chip organisations as a coach, mentor and facilitator to help the organisation gain clarity and smooth the way for more effective and considered change. Peter’s focus is on enabling individuals to thrive and gain a much greater sense of their strengths and abilities and how they can fit within an organisation.

His work with organisations at a senior individual and team level has created environments, cultures and working practices that enable successful engagement to thrive alongside other change strategies. He has a deep knowledge of what makes us human and how this often puts us at odds with the demands of organisational life.

His qualifications are in Strategic Human Resource Development (M.Sc.), industrial management, executive coaching and leadership and he continues to learn and adapt to the latest thinking as he is a strong believer in the power of learning.

Peter is based in the UK, but has a wide ranging international experience in the USA, Middle East and Europe.

His Keynote Topics include:

·         Employee engagement: getting the best from everyone ,not just another survey

·         Embedding team learning: provocation to make learning stick